Pomeranian Teacups Price

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As dogs can be the best human companion, many of us adopt them and there are also some that buy them. There are so many dogs’ races that are sold legally at different prices. The price usually differs based on the breed. Purebred tends to be more expensive than mix breed. One of the famous breed dogs that gain popularity is teacup Pomeranians. Many people want to own this dog either for family pets or for shows since they are very attractive.

The origins

The ancestors of this dog were the Wolfspitz or Spitz type that was originally from the Arctic. They are used to be working sled dogs. The word of Pomeranian derived from the area where these dogs were bred to be pets even though they were not from Pomerania. At that time, they were larger than today’s teacup Pomeranian, yet still have the same physical traits resemblance.

Pomeranian Teacups Price

How much mini Pomeranians cost?

Basically, you can own a Pomeranian teacup puppy for $600 to $1500. However, if you want to buy a purebred, you need to spend more than that, since purebreds are more expensive than the mixed breed. It can cost you up to $4000. For a Pomeranian teacup full grown, you can have it for the cheaper price, like, under $500 or you can adopt them from the dog shelter.

The price can also be influenced by their fur color. A Lime or white Pomeranian teacup is usually more popular. However, you can still buy a teacup white Pomeranian for a relatively average price. Meanwhile, the more expensive one, based on their fur color, are the brown and blue-gray Pomeranians. They are more expensive due to their rarity.

Why are these dogs famous?

  • Physical traits

The mini dogs are surely very attractive. They have double coats which the outer one is long and thick and then the inner one is thin and soft. Then, of course, they also can be in many colors like white, red, cream, blue-gray, brown, and many more. As they are so small and cute, many families want to have them for their kids. They are also suitable for people who live in a relatively small apartment.

  • Personality

The dogs are playful and very intelligent. Imagine that cute and beautiful little dogs that are playful and easy to train. Are there any reasons why anyone would not want them as a pet? However, they may be mischievous sometimes so you may need to train them to make them well behaved.

  • Famous among royalties

Another reason why the dogs are famous is that they have become royalty’s favorite for a long time. Maria Antoinette, Queen Charlotte of England, and Queen of Victoria of Britain, to name a few, are fond of the mini dogs. In fact, it was Queen of Victoria of Britain that established the breeding kennel so for the dog’s breeding that eventually developed the mini Pomeranian.

In modern days, this trend still exists. Many famous celebrities have teacup Pomeranians as their pets. From Paris Hilton, Sharon Osborn, to LeAnn Rimes has the mini dogs as pets.

Those are why the mini Pomeranians are expensive. They are attractive, playful, and also prestigious since they are popular among famous people.

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