Teacup Pomeranian Dogs for Sale

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Have you ever heard about teacup Pomeranian dog? Teacup is actually not a race, but it is a nickname to call a small dog or toy-sized dog that may occur in some dog races. Pomeranian is one of the breeds that may have this tiny size. Teacup Pomeranian dogs full grown may only reach 2 pounds up to 7 pounds.

How much does teacup Pomeranian cost?

Maybe, you really want to know the teacup Pomeranian dog price because you feel interested in buying it. Actually, this type of dog is not too expensive because it is a small dog. But, not all of the Pomeranians are small because the teacup version is quite rare. Some newborn Pomeranian puppies may look so tiny even when they are adult.  In general, a breeder will sell this dog at $100 up to $500 depending on the dog color, condition, and size. You can contact your trusted breeder just in case you really want to keep this dog at home. Before you really purchase this dog, you also need to know the health condition of the dog and never buy a tiny Pomeranian if it is not healthy. You also need to consult your veterinarian when you want to keep this dog in your house.

Teacup Pomeranian Dogs For Sale

How to keep a teacup Pomeranian dog well?

Somehow, this dog needs a special treatment, service, or protection because the posture is really as small as a teacup. You also need to give special teacup Pomeranian dog food so that the dog will grow optimally. You may give a boiled chicken to your small Pomeranian puppies and make sure that you cook it so the food will be digested well. Not only that, you also need to give the dog a dry dog food so that the teeth will be fine because toy sized Pomeranian may have tooth loss issues if you do not give the correct foods. Moreover, this small dog also has a tiny stomach, so you need to control the food consumption and never give salty snacks and spicy foods to your tiny Pomeranian. You must not give some people food to the dog such as chocolate because it is poisonous for any kinds of dog. Well, you can actually contact your veterinarian to know the best food for your teacup Pomeranian.

Can you get a free teacup Pomeranian?

There is a way to get teacup Pomeranian for adoption just in case you cannot buy it. However, you need to accept the condition of the dog because some owners may give away their Pomeranian puppies in bad condition. Perhaps, you can take care of the teacup Pomeranian puppy properly so the dog will be normal again. Usually, some teacup Pomeranian owners will give away their small dogs to some professional breeders who really understand about toy-sized dog treatment.

Well, that’s all you need to know about teacup Pomeranian breed just in case you want to buy it and keep it. Somehow, you need to check the internet before you keep this dog because this dog may need extra treatment and protection so it will survive for a long period of time.

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