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Teacup is not a race but it is a term to call this mini dog. In this case, Pomeranian is a race that may have this tiny size. Teacup Pomeranian is a popular dog because it really looks cute and tiny. Maybe, you are not too familiar with this small dog and you want to know more about teacup Pomeranian breed info. This dog also belongs to a pet and many people in the US keep this dog at their home. Now, let us find out all about Teacup Pomeranian information and facts.

The Size and Weight of the Breed

Well, this mini dog only has a weight of 4 pounds when it is adult. This measurement is not accepted in the standard approved by AKC. For example, if a Pomeranian has a normal weight of 4-8 pounds, then the teacup version of Pomeranian may be only 2-3 pounds. It is normal when there is a puppy that is born in a tiny size comparing to its siblings. Since it has a really tiny size, the dog may enter into a cup, that’s why people call it as a teacup.

Tiny pomeranian spitz puppy

The Strengthens of Teacup Dog

Pomeranian is not the only breed that has a teacup name. There are also some breeds that may have this size version such as Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and Terrier. You may need further teacup Pomeranian information before choosing this pet. In general, Teacup Pomeranian is really good for apartment pet. In addition, it is also good for someone who likes traveling because this dog is portable. This is a good choice if you cannot handle a large size dog. This teacup breed is also easy to clean.

The Weaknesses of Teacup Dog

Since teacup Pomeranian full grown will still look tiny, this dog usually has some health issues such as breathing disorder, hypoglycemia (blood sugar decrease), heart problem, and weak immunes system. Some of the people do not want to keep this pet after knowing the consequences when choosing this teacup Pomeranian as their companion. However, you can actually keep it properly so the dog will remain healthy and active.

Some Tips on Keeping Teacup

Teacup Pomeranian is not always good for kids environment or large dog environment. Their vulnerable condition makes them easy to get injured in the playground area or when the dog is treated roughly. Some teacup Pomeranian dogs may also feel nervous when you bring them in public areas. That’s why you are recommended to buy a teacup Pomeranian from a trusted breeder so that you will get the best teacup dog according to your wishes. Otherwise, the dog may not last for a long period of time or it may get some health issues that you do not notice before.

Finally, that’s all about information and facts about teacup Pomeranian that you have to know before you keep this dog as your pet. This dog is really cute but you need to keep it properly because it is really vulnerable. Anyway, it is a good dog if you live in an apartment or you can bring the dog anywhere you want because it is lightweight and tiny.

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