Teacup Pomeranian Lifespan

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Dogs are regarded as the best friend of a human. They won’t leave your side and sometimes can warn you of possible danger. One of the best dogs for human, especially the one who lives in an apartment, is the Pomeranian teacup dogs. They are also called as teacup Pomeranian, micro Pomeranian or mini Pomeranian since they have a small body.

As you get dogs for pets, it means that you want them to accompany you as long as possible. For mini Pomeranians, they can live for 12 to 16 years or even more as there are some that live up to 19 years old. Generally, there’s no exact difference in term of lifespan among the mini dogs. It means that white teacup Pomeranian lifespan is basically the same as the black one on the other colors.

Then, what if it is compared to teacup Pomeranian husky? Even though they are bred from different races, teacup Pomeranian husky lifespan is not so different with other mini Pomeranian dogs. As the dogs can live that long, of course, it will be hard for you to be apart from them when the times come.

You should pay attention to several factors that influence mini Pomeranians lifespan. These factors can be classified into two main factors, external and internal factors.

Teacup Pomeranian Lifespan

The external factors

  • Diet

Just like a human, diet determines how long the mini Pomeranians can live. Make sure you give your beloved dogs a healthy and balanced diet to keep their digestion and nutrition healthy. Bad diet, of course, will make them vulnerable to health problems

  • Exercise and veterinarian checkups

Dog need to exercise properly to keep them from behavioral and physical problems. You can also keep their physical and behavioral condition with routine checkups to the veterinarians.

  • Stress

A noisy and toxic environment can make the dogs stress out, for example, too many activities for in the dog living space. Children or visitors who adore them and constantly play with them can cause stress to the dog. Furthermore, kids who do not understand how to treat the mini Pomeranians often cause physical stress to the dogs. As small dogs, the teacup Pomeranians has the vulnerable physical condition.

Internal factors

  • Genetic

Female mini Pomeranians tend to live longer than the male one for a year or two. If you want mini Pomeranians that can accompany you a little longer, consider to pet the female one.

  • How they were bred

Another factor that can influence the lifespan is how they were bred. There are breeders that breed the Pomeranians dog specifically to make them smaller and lighter.  Smaller mini Pomeranians that do not meet the acceptable weight limit tends to be vulnerable to health problems. This kind of breeding is already regarded as unethical.

So, those are factors that can influence the mini Pomeranians lifespan. Basically, having the mini dogs as pets can be a long-term investment for you. They can live up to 16 years or even more and bring joy to you and your family longer. Then, you can also breed them and sell them to other mini Pomeranians lovers for a good amount of money.

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