Teacup Pomeranian Puppy For Sale

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Pomeranian is a popular dog race and it is also known as a cute pet. Many people prefer Pomeranian because this dog is really adorable. But, do you know that Pomeranian has the teacup version?  You can buy teacup Pomeranian puppy if you really like a very small dog. However, you need to know some facts about this dog and some tips on buying this tiny dog as your pet.

Some Facts about Teacup Pomeranian

A few things that you may need to know about this breed are that there is the tiniest tiny micro teacup Pomeranian puppy. Well, it is not a lie that teacup Pomeranian can even be smaller than the regular teacup Pomeranian size. This tiny dog may be a weight of 2 pounds up to 7 pounds when it is adult and you can even put the dog into a cup. That’s where the term comes from actually. This tiny dog is good for someone who lives in an apartment while you can also bring it to anywhere you want. Unfortunately, this dog may easily get health issues and you need to give extra protection to avoid injury.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy For Sale

Tips on Buying Teacup Pomeranian

When you want to keep a teacup Pomeranian, you need to know the condition of the breed before you really purchase it. You can even search for teacup Pomeranian puppy pictures on the internet to know about this dog type. If you want to get teacup Pomeranian for free from someone, you also need to check the health condition so that you do not regret it. Read these following tips on buying toy sized Pomeranian puppies.

  • Find the Best Breeder

It is really important to find the best breeder that specializes in teacup dog. Not all of the breeders have teacup sized dogs to sell, so you have to make sure that the breeder has one. The breeder must be experienced enough to breed teacup dogs including teacup Pomeranian.

  • Check the Health Condition

Checking the health condition of a teacup dog is really important because teacup dog is very vulnerable and it is easy to get sick. So, you may ask the breeder if the dog is taken care properly and ask the breeder how to treat it well.

  • Ready for the Consequence

It is not easy to keep a teacup Pomeranian dog because it may have some health issues. So, you must be ready for the consequence before you really keep it. Though it looks tiny and cute, this dog still needs extra protection, especially when you let the dog play with kids. It may get injured easily when it is in the kid’s environment.

  • Consider the Dog Price

You have to know that teacup dog is usually not too expensive. So, you have to think twice before buying an expensive teacup Pomeranian. You need to check the regular price on the internet to know the exact price of this dog.

Finally, those are several things you need to know about teacup Pomeranian and some tips on buying this small dog. You need to consider some facts about teacup dog’s life and find some best ways to take care of the dog so it will not get health issues.

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