White Teacup Pomeranian for Sale

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Do you want to adopt white Teacup Pomeranian puppies? Teacup Pomeranian is not a different and separate breed from the standard Pomeranian. Technically, there is no such a thing as a Teacup Pomerania. The “Teacup” terms refer to the size of this group of Pomeranian, which is a lot smaller than a standard Pomeranian.

If what you are looking for is a tiny, cute dog that you can bring everywhere, a Teacup Pomeranian may suit you. But, just like with any other dog breeds, it is a good idea to know about Teacup Pomeranian first. Let’s start with the origin of the dog.


Teacup Pomeranian is still the same as standard Pomeranian. What makes it different is its tiny size. Indeed, it is not a ‘defined’ breed. Because of this, there is no definite specification of Teacup Pomeranian. No one knows exactly about its size, weight, temperament, health or diet.  What we do know, however, is that those things are not unlike a regular Pomeranian’s. Now, let’s move on to the physical characteristics.

White Teacup Pomeranian for Sale

Physical Characteristics

The height and weight of a standard Pomeranian are 7 to 12 inches and 5 to 9 pounds, respectively. A Teacup Pomeranian will be smaller than that. The height of a Teacup Pomeranian is less than 11 inches, weighing less than 5 pounds.

  • Pointed ears with a wedge-shaped head.
  • Short, sharp snout and a flat and plumed tail.
  • Double coat consisting of a rough outer coat and a thick but soft undercoat.
  • There are several coat colors variant, such as white, black and brown.


Before you look for Teacup Pomeranians for sale, you’d want to see the temperament of Teacup Pomeranian. In general, Pomeranian is a playful and very active breed. Of course, this also applies to Teacup Pomeranian. Teacup Pomeranian is a good companion dog.

They also make a natural watchdog as well. And yes, this breed loves to be pampered and enjoy their owner’s lap. Here are the positive temperaments of Teacup Pomeranian

  • Alert
  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Protective

And these are the negative ones

  • Aggressive
  • Bark Excessively
  • Dominant
  • Manipulative
  • Territorial


As we have mentioned earlier, Teacup Pomeranian has a thick double coat. This thick double coat requires daily attention and care. Regular grooming will be needed if you want your Pomeranian to have soft, fluffy, shiny and tangle-free coats. Also worth mentioning, the undercoat will shed twice in a year.

If regular grooming is neglected, the dog will suffer from various skin problems, not to mention tangled and matted coat which will make grooming even more difficult. So if you decide to adopt a Pomeranian, make sure you have the time and willingness to groom it regularly.


Speaking of price, it will be difficult to find white Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale cheap. Remember, Teacup Pomeranian is rare and there are an increasing number of people who want to adopt a Teacup Pomeranian. The price ranges from $2,500 to $5,000.

That’s all. What do you think? Are you going to search for ice white Teacup Pomeranian for sale? Or perhaps an all-black one? Whichever it is, we hope that the Teacup Pomeranian you adopt will bring a lot of smiles and joy to your family.

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